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production of UK pita

Family old recipe

Only the finest 100% no preservatives


Are wholemeal pitta is the same as original is a good taste of wholemeal flavor Ingredients: Wholemeal ,Wheat Flour ,water, Yeast ,Salt,&Suger



Sally Field Peter are the best when you toast them in the toaster or sandwich first and hot colic flavor is the most favorites among our customers Ingredients : wheat flour, water ,vegetable oil, water salt, milk powder herbs,yeast,iodized salt ,sugar.



Israelis pita is little larger and is more thicker, Is ideal for stuffing more traditional Shwarmakababand more . Its specialty made not to break easy for more stuffing. Ingredients: Wheaten Flour, Wholemeal Flour, Water, Yeast,Salt and Sugar.



Our original pitta available and small sizes for more convenient use ,small lunch box. Ingredients: Flour, Water, Yeast, Salt and Sugar.

Original pita bread

A Passion For A Pocket Full Of Goodness! ​

Pita Factory's Pita

At pita Royale we have been using all of our knowledge and experience gathered during the last 25 years of baking Pita,

to present our customers with a perfectly unaltered product.

Due to the perfection of the recipe and baking method we achieve perfection in terms of texture and freshness,

without the use of ANY preservatives, additives, added gluten, improvers or whatever nonsense!

Using only fresh, carefully selected ingredients, our Pita will provide the perfect partner to any meal occasion.

specializes in the production of uk pita and is one of the best pita producers in the world

Pita factory

For 25 years, the secret of the work has been passed down from Old recipe in the family  of bakers. the father of the family in 1996.


Since its inception, been developing patents and advanced baking technologies and has developed an automatic baking oven, a machine for making pita  for daily users and freezing methods of fresh pita

Our vision

The vision of pitafactory from its first day is to “produce the best pita in the world” and the whole production and baking process complies with  UK and Kosher Standards using only natural ingredients and quality raw materials.
The vision and production processes give Pita its special taste, airiness, elasticity and elasticity with lots of giving.

Pita factory products are all Kosher  produced and marketed to customers in UK and our goals is to exportto all  countries around the world.The bakery markets a wide variety of pita – varieties of different sizes, whole wheat pita, low calorie pita, cocktail pita and other products.
Our products come baked and frozen and their validity is for 18 months

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16b east lane wembley England HA9 7NA

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